Comet ISON Now Only a Memory

Well, what is left of comet ISON (now believed to be only a field of debris) is headed on it’s journey away from the Sun. Some lucky stargazers were able to behold the site of this comet with their own eyes, but for those who weren’t a cool video and an awesome picture from the ISS will have to suffice.

ISS038-E-007980 (23 Nov. 2013) — A close inspection of this image, photographed by one of the Expedition 38 crew members aboard the International Space Station, reveals a pin-head sized view of an object which is actually the comet ISON, seen just to the right of center and a little below center in the frame. Hardware components of the orbital outpost and Earth’s atmosphere above the horizon take up most of the image. Most of the other bright dots in the sky are heavenly bodies. The comet is distinguishable by its tail. Photo credit: NASA


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