My Projects

Laboratory Reports:
Nuclear Decay and Counting Statistics: Measure the Half-life of a Radioactive Nuclide with a Geiger-Müller Counter
Measuring the Earths Magnetic Field
Operational Amplifier
The Refractive Index of Air with a Michelson Interferometer
Bragg Diffraction Using Microwaves

Amateur Astronomy & Telescopes – A short presentation on amateur astronomy and telescopes.
Radiation Detection: Geiger Müller Counters – A presentation about various types of detectors that primarily focuses on the Geiger-Müller type, and shows the construction of one.
Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes – Galaxy classification (Hubble Sequence & De Vacoulers System), active galactic nuclei, and supermassive black holes.

3D Simulations:
Rotation Around High Density Area in Gas Cloud (Simulation Data)

Astrophysics Equations – A quick reference guide to many equations used in astrophysics.


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